COVID-19 Vaccination for 5-11 Year Olds
Children 5 to 11 years of age who are living or studying in Halton are now eligible to receive the paediatric Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

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Online COVID-19 School Screening Tool
Students and staff must complete the online COVID-19 School Screening Tool prior to attending school each day.

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Mental Health & Well-Being Resources
Mental health and well-being support and resources are available for students and parents/guardians.

Mental Health & Well-Being Resources

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I am strong - Sunny Mei [Student] (1).mp4

I am Strong Fundraiser

Thank you for your donations to this fundraising campaign. School Council awarded 16 prizes to students for their artistic works.

Here's the submission from our Grand Prize Winner, Sunny Mei.

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JCPS Important Updates

COVID-19 and January 2022 Return to School

In order to help slow the spread of COVID-19, parents/guardians/students must complete the Ontario School Screening Tool each morning on behalf of every student. You will find links to the verification form below:

Google doc format - link, Pdf format - link

Your child has also been given a paper copy of the form.

The daily verification includes questions about travel outside of Canada. As per the notice you received from Public Health on Dec. 8th, unvaccinated or partially vaccinated students who have travelled outside the country may not attend school for 14 days after their return to Canada. This may change to include vaccinated students as well so if you are travelling over the holidays outside of Canada please check Public Health’s direction. Using the COVID School Screening tool will guide you.

Calling All Three-Year Olds

Calling all three-year olds! Starting school is a big step for children and parents/guardians, and the HDSB wants to make that transition as smooth as possible. This fall, the HDSB is welcoming future students and their families to a virtual Kindergarten experience at to learn more about making the first school experience a happy one.


  • Three-year olds can explore a Kindergarten classroom to see what their future classroom might look like next September.

  • There are videos to watch, pictures to view and fun activities for kids.

  • Parents/guardians can learn about the Kindergarten program at the HDSB, play-based learning, community resources in Halton and before-and-after school care.

  • Families can sign-up to receive a welcome package from the HDSB including a free children’s book.

Registration for Kindergarten begins in January 2022 and will be by appointment only (in-person and/or virtual) through the school your child will attend. Further information will be shared in the new year. To begin Kindergarten in September 2022, children must be four years old by Dec. 31, 2022 for Year 1 Kindergarten and must be five years old by Dec. 31, 2022 for Year 2 Kindergarten.

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Focus

During Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week - November 21 to 27, 2021, Joshua Creek Public School learned how they can prevent bullying. Our Community Officer joined our Intermediate students for their assembly and encouraged them to "T.H.I.N.K. before you act." Our Bullying Prevention and Intervention Team is working on developing our school's annual action plan. Here are some resource you might be interested in:

Bullying - we can all help stop it (Ontario Ministry of Education)

Making a Difference in Bullying: What parents of elementary school children need to know

Definition of Bullying

Bullying means aggressive and typically repeated behaviour by a student where,

a) the behaviour is intended, or the student ought to know that the behaviour

would be likely to have that effect of,

  • causing fear or distress to another individual, including physical, psychological, social or academic harm, harm to the person’s reputation or property, or

  • creating a negative environment at the school for another individual, and

b) the behaviour occurs in a context where there is a real or perceived power imbalance between the pupil and the individual based on factors such as size, strength, age, intelligence, peer group power, economic status, social status,

religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, family circumstances, gender, gender identity, gender expression, race, disability or the receipt of special education.

Bullying behaviour includes the use of any physical, verbal, electronic, written or other means. For the purposes of the definition of bullying, bullying by electronic means (commonly known as cyber-bullying), including, creating a web page or blog in which the creator assumes the identity of another person or impersonating another person as the author of content or messages posted on the internet; communicating material electronically to more than one individual or posting material on a web-site that may be accessed by one or more individuals

JCPS School Dress Code

Posted on our School Information page:

COVID-19 Information Resources

Halton District School Board - COVID-19 Information

Halton Region Public Health - COVID-19 (2019 Novel Coronavirus)

Ministry of Education - COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures at Schools

Student Daily Health Screening

The parent/guardian of each elementary student is required to:

  • Complete a daily self-assessment using the COVID-19 school screening tool for each child;

    • Keep their child at home when feeling unwell;

    • Have a plan to pick up their child(ren) promptly if symptoms develop during the day.

  • Daily screening should be done BEFORE leaving for school.

Non-Medical Masks, Cloth Masks and Face Coverings

All students at Joshua Creek are required to wear a mask

  • All students (Kindergarten-Grade 12) are required to wear non-medical or cloth masks indoors in school, including in hallways and during classes.

  • Masks may be temporarily removed indoors to consume food or drink, with a minimum distance of two metres maintained between cohorts and as much distancing as possible within a cohort.

  • Parents/guardians are asked to encourage their child(ren) to practise wearing masks and learn what type of mask is most comfortable for them.

  • It is recommended that students have additional clean masks to use during the day.

  • Students are responsible for the safe use, cleanliness, and disposal of their non-medical mask/cloth mask/face covering. Please reinforce these behaviours at home.