Many times during the school year, head lice (or pediculosis) often becomes a problem in some schools.

Head lice infestation is no reflection on the state of cleanliness; it is a recurring problem that can affect anyone in direct contact.

If you find that your child has head lice, it is important that you notify the school immediately as this information is necessary to control the spread of head lice. Those children found to have head lice will be excluded from school and the parents advised to follow the recommended course of treatment.

Students may return to school when treatment has been completed, and a We Care Home Health Services Nurse has signed a release paper.  You can contact We Care at (905) 507-6562 or toll free at 1-855-507-6562 and they will inform you of the nurse’s location.  You go to that school, check in at that office, and ask for the nurse.

When your child is cleared by the We Care Home Health Services Nurse, bring the signed form back to the main office at Joshua Creek P.S. and your child will be readmitted to class.

Please note that a doctor’s note stating that the hair is free of live lice and nits will also be accepted for re-admittance, however parents must bear any cost associated with the doctor’s note.      

If you have any questions that have not been answered in the attached information flyers, please call the school.