All absences must be reported by a parent or guardian to our automated attendance system via phone (1-877-409-6310) or web portal (  Instructions on how to report via phone are in the pdf document below.
We HIGHLY recommend that you make a call to the number and register for the online portal even if you do not need to report an absence at this time. This way, if you encounter any issues or have questions, we will be able to help you solve them prior to the urgent need to report an unexpected absence.
Advance reporting is possible at any time (e.g. vacations). When reporting a same day absence, reporting must be done by 9:15 a.m. Should you miss this reporting cut-off, the system will begin a series of calls and emails to parents for a 30-minute period, or until it receives a response. 

PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE IF YOU HAVE MISSED THE REPORTING CUT OFF, wait to receive the call or email, listen to the prompts and respond accordingly.
. When a student arrives after 8:55 a.m., they are considered absent as they are absent at the time attendance is taken—please ensure that late arrivals are reported via the attendance system.
. Students arriving late must report directly to the office to obtain a “late slip” in order to be admitted to class and amend their attendance record from absent to ‘late’.
. These important procedures assist us in tracking the whereabouts of every student in the school.
We appreciate that it is not always possible to schedule appointments outside of school hours. For instances when this cannot be avoided, please adhere to the following procedure in order to minimize disruption to the learning environment of all students:
. Do not report early departures to our automated attendance line as the information cannot be transferred effectively to the classroom teacher
. Do communicate the early departure clearly to your child and ask them to meet you in the office at a designated time. We try to avoid calls to the classroom in order to minimize disruption.
. Do write a note in your child’s agenda indicating the reason and the time you have asked your child to meet you in the office. This will avoid the need for the teacher to stop instruction to the class to give homework assignments or communications to go home.
. Do try to arrange departure times to follow with natural breaks in the timetable, i.e. between periods or before nutritional breaks
. Parents/Guardians must sign students out at the office when they leave for an appointment during the instructional day and sign them back in if they are returning to school.

Call the student attendance line:  1-877-409-6310 or go to: